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Invest in your site’s success with Xolo developers website design and development services
In today’s digital world, your website is the first interaction consumers have with your business.
That’s why almost 95% of a user’s first impression relates to web design and development. It’s also why web design and web development services can have an immense impact on your company’s bottom line. That’s why more companies are not only reevaluating their website’s design and development but also partnering with Xolo Developers, the web design agency that’s driven more than $500 in revenue for its clients. With over 10 web design awards under our belt, we’re confident we can design and develop a custom website that drives sales for your unique business.

Easy Navigation
It is expected that pages have fast loading speeds as information provided on the website should be easy to access. The website should offer options to further help the target audience with navigation. This consists of the inclusion of a search box. Here the users get to type on the search tool and quickly be directed to the section. If a website has good navigation capabilities then it is guaranteed to drive in more organic traffic.

Influence your target audience with Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
With thousands and millions of websites competing to make it to top search engine results pages (SERPs), search engines invented a way to list websites. It is through website design and development that a website can attain a higher ranking. The usage of title tags, keywords, image optimization, linking ensures top ranking among the SERPs. It is through SEO that the website appears when different types of queries are made.

Abstract visual content helps
When a company only provides tons of texts about its specialty and it gets complicated to make the website look appealing, that’s where web design and development walks in. By contacting us, the business owner gets to choose the images to use as per the content on the website. Additionally, the enterprise has the freedom to choose some videos and images to make the content as appealing as possible. This will be guided by the optimization of search engines. The advantage of using visual content is that provides the users with a clear picture of what the product or service looks like as not all customers understand the services or products offered through text. So the inclusion of images makes it simple to drive the message home. Besides this, the use of images on the site easily captures the attention of the readers. Before reading through the text, users are often keen on the image. This improves the chances of having more visitors to the website.

Boosts Sales
Creating a well-designed and developed website can help a business boost sales to a large extent. According to various sources, e-commerce activities are expected to grow by 22% by 2020 which indicates people are buying more online nowadays. Business owners have spotted the great opportunity to capitalize on online sales as more business owners are rushing to sell more online. The number of growing customers goes hand in hand with an increase in sales. It is through various updates and upgrades in website design that the experience of browsing the website is smoothened. This gives your target audience the impression that they can acquire affordable products or services from you. Every activity on the website adds up value to the business.

Loyal Customers
It is essential to have a loyal customer base as the company tries to strive and thrive. This can be a hard task to achieve when the business uses poor techniques and tactics to achieve this. It is at this point that website design and development help out the business. The metrics retrieved enable to monitor the activities of the users. It is possible to highlight customers who have supported the brand endlessly. The business can employ creative techniques to reward them for their loyalty. It is through a well-designed and developed website that a business ensures that no loyal customer is left out. Loyal customers not only support your business and its products or services but also recommend you to others which in turn reduces the cost of marketing.

Reach out more
The main goal of a business is to grow in terms of customer base and increase sales as much as possible. With website design and development service, you can achieve these milestones. Naturally when a business is on the Worldwide Web then the company is already on a global platform. This means even small businesses can win customers from foreign lands and increase their sales globally. Through website design and development service, a company can not only connect with its local customers but customers globally.

Boost user engagement
As times have changed, many products and services have become digital. It is for the same reason that entrepreneurs are encouraged to have awesome websites. On a website, it is quite easy to maintain a good rapport with the end-user. This makes it easier for retrieving feedback on the services and products offered so you can interact with them and provide vital and quick responses to the queries. There is no limitation on the time of activity. By automating the services on the website, clients are guaranteed round the clock services. Also under user engagement, the blog or site owner can keep customers posted at all times. For instance, if new price charges are introduced then customers or web visitors are among the first to know. Thus your website remains active even when you’re sleeping.

Useful in marketing and advertising
Having products and services is the key to success in any business. Marketing strategies come in handy when it comes to selling the products or services of a brand. Compared to the tactics of traditional marketing, web design and development are pocket-friendly. It is through this online platform that a company can display all relevant information. This includes; products/services offered, location, pricing, reputation, contacts among others. Also, it is easier to update amazing discounts and offers on the website.



I am an experienced Web Developer having command over various web development platforms. I develop custom websites for your business goals. I am a master WordPress developer. I also develop WordPress plugins. I can also develop your e-commerce website either on Shopify or Magento. If you need a website on MVC framework for faster web development and large size web application, I will do it for. Beside these, I also take angular projects. Just state your needs and I will design a wire frame to set off at the project. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Content Writing is my another forte. With popularity of Internet, marketing strategies have evolved to another level. Various Industries have realized the seriousness of using online platforms to promote and expand their businesses. The use of business and e-commerce websites are so common nowadays and various marketing strategies are evolved to market your services to large scale of audience. SEO is the key strategy to optimize your website on Search engines. using keyword research and other factors so that you rank higher on search engine result page(SERP). This help you drive more traffic to your site. The higher is the traffic, higher are the sales and conversion rates. I specialize in all three types of SEO. On- SEO fundamentals I follow- keyword research with Google suggest, Google keyword planner, etc. Identifying low competition keywords, inclusion of keywords in URL, Title Tag, Heading and sub-headings and first paragraph. I am quite good at yoast SEO plugin, Optimization of images, etc. Technical SEO fundamentals I follow to improve technical aspects of your website- eradicating crawl errors, mobile-friendly site optimization, fix broken links, improvement in site loading speed, etc. and Off-page SEO fundamentals I carry out-of link building, blog submission, article submission, Image and title description, classified adds etc. Content Writing- I also write effective and professional content for various purposes. But I mainly write content for websites for content marketing and SEO strategies. I write keeping modern marketing norms in mind so that content can be targeted effectively. It will be my honor to work for you. I am quick to respond, confident of my skills and fluent in english to understand and answer all your queries. I wish to develop strong business relations with my clients and deliver them results to the best of my ability.

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