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Website design is a comprehensive process that extends beyond the primary aesthetics of a web page to its functionality. It can feel like a complicated thing, especially for the uninitiated, although a beginner will quickly recognize a good web design over a bad one. Keep in mind that a site’s web design influences users’ behavior, SEO, and rankings and affects its overall online visibility. 

Good website design in India integrates both the look and functionality of the website. That will help you optimize its performance, reliability, and customer service. That said, here are some of the crucial elements you should consider in website design.

The visual appearance

Your website’s overall look influences your user’s perception about it and determines whether they will say on the site or leave. Creating a positive first impression is necessary for your business so, ensure your web design is clean, accessible, intuitive, and simple to use. It should be well-organized so that the user immediately knows where to click to find anything. 

Ensure it has good typography, graphics, and images that complement the text on the website without overdoing it to represent your brand.

The color scheme

When picking the color scheme of your website, consider your profession and your reader’s expectations. For example, a website that deals with newborn products or services can utilize soft pinks and blue colors to create an excellent impression. Consider your brand perspectives and your potential audience expectations when choosing a color scheme for your website.

Ease of navigation

Utilize a web design that is easy to navigate for the user. Ease of navigation helps the user know where to click to get what or how to visit mini-sections. Integrate many ways of navigating, such as scrolling, typing, clicking, etc. Generally, make your website user-friendly to simplify your user’s interactions.

Final words

When it comes to web design for your business or any other services, you should always invest in robust, creative, and magical web design that positively powers the user’s perception of your brand.



I am an experienced Web Developer having command over various web development platforms. I develop custom websites for your business goals. I am a master WordPress developer. I also develop WordPress plugins. I can also develop your e-commerce website either on Shopify or Magento. If you need a website on MVC framework for faster web development and large size web application, I will do it for. Beside these, I also take angular projects. Just state your needs and I will design a wire frame to set off at the project. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Content Writing is my another forte. With popularity of Internet, marketing strategies have evolved to another level. Various Industries have realized the seriousness of using online platforms to promote and expand their businesses. The use of business and e-commerce websites are so common nowadays and various marketing strategies are evolved to market your services to large scale of audience. SEO is the key strategy to optimize your website on Search engines. using keyword research and other factors so that you rank higher on search engine result page(SERP). This help you drive more traffic to your site. The higher is the traffic, higher are the sales and conversion rates. I specialize in all three types of SEO. On- SEO fundamentals I follow- keyword research with Google suggest, Google keyword planner, etc. Identifying low competition keywords, inclusion of keywords in URL, Title Tag, Heading and sub-headings and first paragraph. I am quite good at yoast SEO plugin, Optimization of images, etc. Technical SEO fundamentals I follow to improve technical aspects of your website- eradicating crawl errors, mobile-friendly site optimization, fix broken links, improvement in site loading speed, etc. and Off-page SEO fundamentals I carry out-of link building, blog submission, article submission, Image and title description, classified adds etc. Content Writing- I also write effective and professional content for various purposes. But I mainly write content for websites for content marketing and SEO strategies. I write keeping modern marketing norms in mind so that content can be targeted effectively. It will be my honor to work for you. I am quick to respond, confident of my skills and fluent in english to understand and answer all your queries. I wish to develop strong business relations with my clients and deliver them results to the best of my ability.

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